Fyunka x A_Ghuph

So finally finally Fyunka is making necklaces with the awesome A_Ghuph from Riyadh.
A_Ghuph is founded by Alaa Ghufaili [ smilar names are very confusing when were both cc'ed on an e-mail] Alaa Graduated from SCAD in Industrial Design and his work is awesome!
We decided to go for two designs making a limited edition of 30 pieces each.
You can find them here we currently ship them to Saudi and the GCC.

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  1. Dear Alaa ,, how r u ??
    First I want to interdoce my self ^_^ my name is Zekra Alsolami I'm editor at Okaz newspaper and fashion / beauty Blogger in jeddah ..
    I'm in love with ur designs ^_^ so I really want to do interview with u to publish it in Okaz newspaper

    Can please contact with me ASAP
    This is my Email : zekraalsolami@gmail.com ..

    Have a great day



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